Business Tip: Collaboration tool to help your business cope through Covid-19 (and beyond).

While we’re all familiar with remote video conferencing offerings like Zoom, you may not have heard of cloud-based collaboration tools like Miro. I’d like to share how this platform can help take you way beyond a simple video meeting.

As an agency owner running teams and simultaneous projects, I’ve used whiteboards as a workflow management tool since establishing my business in Sydney way back in 2007.

After relocating to a home-studio on the NSW Central Coast, I’ve continued to collaborate on client projects with other designers, writers and developers from both Sydney and interstate.  

I quickly converted to the digital whiteboard tool on discovering Miro and implemented it into my workflow long before the Covid-19 situation developed. I use it as a solution to both plan and implement specific projects as well as for managing more general office procedures.

Prior to Covid-19 it was a value-adding tool for efficiency and communication - since the pandemic and enforced isolation, it has become essential.

A 2008 photo of my traditional whiteboard in the Sydney studio and the same process now used in my Miro digital board.

Think of Miro as simply a digital version of a traditional whiteboard. Instead of one whiteboard for a single purpose, Miro enables creation of multiple whiteboards that can be used for specific purposes. These boards can be created using pre-loaded templates, or simply start with a blank board and go from there. While the pre-loaded templates are great, the blank board option gives you unlimited options which can be customised to your own business situation. Beyond workflow, I also use it to comment on artwork proofs (see quick video demo below), but by far the best use I’ve found in my line of work is in its use as a collaborative tool for website design and development projects.

A quick demo of Miro showing notations and comments used in an artwork proof. Miro also offers the ability to save your boards offline in PDF and jpeg format for use in presentations or record keeping.

Miro isn’t just for agencies - it can be easily incorporated and adapted into any business type for an array of problem solving. I’ve even setup ‘how-to’ guide boards with URL links and screenshots for specific job functions. The full product features are available here the Miro website. Best of all, you can setup a free trial account and have a play yourself.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss my experiences with Miro and get some ideas on how you could incorporate this type of solution into your business practice.

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